Cake Menu

All cakes are made with high quality and fresh ingredients.  Flavoursome combinations have been developed to give you an exciting and satisfying taste sensation.

At Decora Cake Design we are passionate about home made curds and we have a selection available…


Below are some suggested flavour pairings, however, customised options are also available.

Coconut, Passionfruit Curd and White Chocolate

Chocolate, Cappucino, Brandy Caramel

Lemon and White Chocolate Sponge with Lemon Curd

Vanilla Bean Sponge and Blackcurrent Preserve

Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese

Bourbon Butterscotch

Vanilla Bean, Peach Curd and White Chocolate

Apple Pie, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean

Lemon and Blueberry

Fun Flavours:

Vanilla Bean, Banana Creme, Peanut Butter

Allergen Information: All of our cakes contain wheat, eggs and dairy.  Cakes may also contain nuts and are prepared in an environment where nuts are present.